Shrouded beyond the veil...

Shaddoe a posted Oct 17, 16

When shrouded meanings and grim intentions are nicely polished up and pokerfaced personae are generously palming off their fantasy constructs, caution is the watchword, since rippling water on the well of truth swiftly obscures our vision and perception.

We are the hidden, at the home in the cobwebs and lies. We have learned all your tricks sith, we are here to hurt you from inside.  The sith will never see us coming, never see us closing in, we will crumble them from the inside of their rot. 

We are the vengeance of slaves they have beaten, the righting of the wrongs they have committed, we are risking everything.  We have committed everything to seeing this corruption end.

We are Jedi,

We are Sith,

We have crossed your line in the sand,

We are closer than you think,

We are shrouded.



Shrouded is a table top dice based event guild, like your home table top group for swtor.  We use West end games d6 Star Wars rules and run regular events using discord and swtor to run our events.